Monday, September 7, 2015

Play Therapy IS Effective

Play Therapy is a commonly misunderstood form of psychotherapy. Parents and caregivers often think a Play Therapist simply plays with their child. This is a common and unfortunate misunderstanding. Play Therapy is a longstanding research-based and valid modality of psychotherapy that caters to a child’s natural form of language and expression, play. Play Therapists are specifically trained to help children use play and play activities to explore and work through many different types of thoughts, feelings and challenges. Think of toys as a child’s words and the play as their language. In order to understand and help facilitate processing and exploration, a Play Therapist is required to have specialized training, education, and experience. In addition to being used with children, Play Therapy is also effective in working with teenagers, adults and families. Psychotherapy with children MUST look different from traditional talk therapy in order to be effective. It is also refreshing to know that teenagers and adults have options when receiving therapy.

If you are looking for a Play Therapist please call our office, Psychological Health Roanoke, at 540-772-5140. We have highly competent and caring Play Therapists ready to help you and your family reclaim happiness and balance in your life. 


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