Friday, October 23, 2009

Charlie Finn on Abraham Lincoln

In these days of partisan acrimony and shrill attack, we have need of remembering the manner in which Abraham Lincoln's courage and kindness transformed adversities such as we are witnessing, and worse. Among Lincoln's greatest achievements of spirit... was his refusal to vilify, to demonize, to retaliate in kind when vitriol was heaped upon him.

Read the Roanoke Times for more of Charlie Finn's thoughts on the enduring relevance of Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

John Heil in Fitness Magazine

In the October issue of Fitness Magazine, staff writer, Chee Gates offers advice about getting and staying fit - with some input from John Heil. In the article, “Bounce Back Better,” she notes that on the journey to your healthiest, fittest self, setbacks are inevitable. Gates goes on to identifies a series of strategies crucial to reaching your ultimate fitness goals. Check out Fitness Magazine website for a wide array of fitness information.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Poetry by Charlie Finn

Charlie Finn is a licensed professional counselor specializing in addictions and working with adolescents. He describes the counseling process simply and incisively as: helping people get unstuck, learning to tap outer and inner resources when “up against it,” regaining confidence that “I have what it takes,” turning discouragement into encouragement, from “ain’t it awful” to “I can grow through this.”
Alison Allsbrook, who has worked with Charlie for about 15 years describes a strong silence presence that evokes trust and confidence. She takes care to listen closely when he has something to say, and is a fan of Charlie’s poetry.
A sample of Charlie's poetry is at