Monday, August 12, 2013

Dr. John Heil

Dr. Heil, a licensed clinical psychologist and certified sport psychologist is beginning a 3-year period of service in the presidents track of the American Pychological Association, Division of Exercise and Sport Psychology.
This group includes those working in research, teaching and applied practice.  The Division sponsors workshops at the APA convention and publishes the Exercise and Sport Psychology Newsletter.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The GenY Boom'er Riddle

The Gen Y’er in a 3rd cycle of seasonal work took the intiative to cut back his hours, eliminating an inactive period and thus saving the employer money (unwisely -- thinking that this being a good idea would be enough). The Boomer terminated the GenY’er without explanation (unwisely -- thinking that this being a clear and well documented infraction would be good enough).  The GenY’er protests and is left wondering about loyalty and commitment. The Boomer shrugs it off as another unfit GenY’er.

… and the same story echoes back and forth across the age gap from one place to another from one situation to another, till the prophecy becomes  self-fulfilling and no one knows how it came to be.