Monday, October 29, 2012

Parent Seminar @ Bucks County Academy of Fencing

Lambertville, NJ

"Developing the Youth Fencer" 

Presented by Dr. John Heil (October 23, 2012).

 Topics include: The 10 skills of effective sport parenting; balancing sport, work and family responsibilities; the developmental cycle of the athlete; guiding your child in sport as a life skill; and, the parents’ role at fencing competitions.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Psychology of Sport Injury

Lecture for Willamette University, Salem, Oregon - Department of  Exercise & Sport Science
October 8/2012

Dr. John Heil

To the athlete, injury results in the loss of the opportunity to participate in a high valued activity and is a threat to continued success at sports. This is most problematic where injury is severe, or the process of rehabilitation is long or complicated. Even relatively mild injury may have a significant impact on the athlete when its timing is such that is undermines competitive success, for example, if it occurs immediately prior to a key competition.