Sunday, June 5, 2011

VT Psychology Practicum

I have been so fortunate to receive the opportunity of working as an intern at Psychological Health Roanoke. I have really learned so much about the workings of a private psychological clinic, and received great hands on experience. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful in my experiences throughout the past semester. The clinicians are all so talented at their specific fields and I was privileged enough to sit in on multiple sessions with some of them. This was the most informative experience I have had thus far in my college career, and I cannot express my gratitude for receiving the opportunity to really explore the field of clinical psychology with such kind and talented clinicians. This experience has really solidified my future aspirations to become a clinical psychologist and I have been so lucky to be able to learn so much about therapy and the insurance aspects of a private practice. I will bring the skills I have attained from this internship with me into my future towards becoming a licensed clinical psychologist.

Courtney Kellerman

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