Monday, December 14, 2009

Charlie Finn on the Winter Solistice

At our 4th Annual Holiday Season Celebration, Charlie Finn offered his perspective on the approaching winter solistice, and its meaning in our work.

We Are the Winter Solstice

Before we eat, drink and be merry,
let us remember a good reason to do so,
let us remember who we are.
This is the year’s dark time,
the deep and dark December time.
Long nights will keep getting longer
until the great reversal point is reached on December 21st
when, sun standing still, the deepest advance of night
swings back towards the light.
What does this have to do with us?
It has everything to do with us
for we are the winter solstice!
We are the winter solstice in the lives of every man, woman or child
who comes through that downstairs door.
They come at a dark place in their lives,
a stuck place,
a weighed down with worry place,
a heavy with sadness place,
a place that most of all feels like a long dark tunnel,
but they come clinging to a hope there is a light at the end of it
and that some how, some way, some one can help them reach it.
We are the some how and the some way, but we are more than some one.
It’s not just what happens in the counselor’s office.
It’s every single encounter of kindness they receive,
from the first contact over the phone to every contact at the front window,
along with all the absolutely essential business behind the scenes
that make possible that mysterious reversal back towards the light
that can happen in the counselor’s office.
It takes a village, they say.
Well, tonight is for celebrating the whole village of us.
We have reason to eat, drink and be merry,
for we are the winter solstice!

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