Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Mindfulness reveals a mind-full of awareness. We know what is going on inside of us. We are aware of what is happening around us. We are fully present to all of it--the pleasant and the unpleasant--and because we are, we can make the wisest, kindest choice. We see with clarity and sit with our thoughts without judgment and beating our self up. This is mindful living.
Mindful Meditation uses many forms of meditation. Our breathing becomes important in mindful meditation. When our mind wanders we always go back to our breath and begin again with equanimity, with out judgement and unkindness. We actually do meditate mindfully many times through out the day and we may not even realize this. Stopping for 5 seconds to look (focus) at a tree, a flower, the sound around us, or even a smell that brings us happiness and reminds us of a good thought is meditation. Meditation requires nothing accept our mind and body. Meditation poses, sitting cushions, candles burning, etc... are fluff and not needed for meditation, however, they may add to one's own self practice of having a sacred space.


Cindy Harpe Hively

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