Monday, June 1, 2009

Dorene Fick

After 10 years in suburban NYC as a clinical social worker in a Psychiatric Hospital, Dorene has relocated to the Roanoke Valley and joined Psychological Health Roanoke. Her practice focuses on adult, adolescents, women's and family issues. As part of her work, she serves as an on-site counselor at William Fleming High School, through a program developed by the Roanoke Adolescent Health Partnership. This position brings Dorene full circle to the beginnings of her interest in Social Work. As she notes: I had been an inner city teacher for 3 years (1 in Pittsburgh and 2 in Manhattan). I realized that I needed more skills to help these kids with the many struggles that went above and beyond classroom learning. This prompted me to enroll in Social Work School.
After a whirlwind indoctrination into contemporary urban youth culture and some adjustments in her treatment style, Dorene feels at home and fully a part of things at Fleming HS.

At the encouragement of her students this spring she attended the school production, Urinetown. Dorene describes this as a satirical musical comedy in which the minority poor attempt to overthrow the rich overlords. Urinetown challenges the authority of bureaucracy, corporations and small town politics. The poignancy of a not so happy ending is an unfortunate reflection of the reality of everyday life for many of these students, however, many of them rise to accept real life challenges with maturity and perseverance beyond their years.

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