Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who We Are

We are Psychological Health Roanoke, a group practice of 22 counselors, psychologists and social workers serving the western triangle of Virginia. Our clinical catchment reaches north and south along the Blue Ridge Mountains, with consulting services extending eastward into the Piedmont and Tidewater areas of Virginia. On any given day, you may find us at work in any of our 3 office locations in Roanoke, Blacksburg and Alleghany County.

You may also find us lecturing in a University classroom, a medical school, a police academy or a community organization… counseling in a high school, a nursing home, or a hospital medical unit…conducting evaluations in a jail or public safety agency…consulting to regional businesses and sports organizations …ministering in a church, testifying in court, conducting research or sitting in Board room. We are also Advantage EAP, PHR Police and Public Safety Assistance Program, and a training site for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center Doctoral Psychology Intern Program and Virginia Tech Undergraduate Psychology Practicum. In the words of our Clinicians we are “committed, compassionate and resourceful.”

We are our administrative staff, our point of contact with the public, who cheerfully multi-task their way through the day answering the phones, sending out the mail and tending to the millions of details that come between. They are, in their own words “compassionate, courteous and detail oriented.” –for which the rest of us are grateful.

At work we make our own coffee and recycle our cans and plastic. In our free time, we play music and write poetry, sail the lake and hike the mountains, read books and sell cookies, fret about the economy and the state of health care, follow the bouncing ball of our childrens’ lives, mow our lawns and tend to our gardens, and debate the merits of UVA and VT sports.

*John Heil

You can visit us at http://psychhealthroanoke.com/

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